Ebru - Swim Good

how lovely is this?!! i usually stay hatin on cover versions (because people are just taking the piss now) but Ebru’s version of one of my fave Frank Ocean tracks is just so delicious!


guardian weekly podcast

we got some grand feedback for Eye Know and there have been some blinding reviews for Pretty Ugly. this one from the Guardian Music Weekly podcast made me smile widely. like seriously you could cut me down the middle and see the smile running right through! lol

press play if you’ve got a spare 6mins&3secs


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How Your P*$@y Works (If You’re Ready To Learn) - Brian Mcknight

rinsed out R&Bizzle conventions bore me to tears but Senior Mcknight takes that shit to new heights

my 1st reaction “What on earth Brian??!!?!?”

How can a man riff “bet you didn’t know that it could squirt” with a straight face like he might be singing “One You’re like a dream come true” 

Too funny


Israel J Allen @ IGOSPELUK Sing Inspiration 2012! Gospel & Soul

Love this! Such an amazing event;-) 

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One 1 Pound Fish, Queens Market

okay, so he’s funny and he has a great voice! but if you’re gonna go and bodder a man at work at least buy a fish to rockstone! they’re only £1

"yeah, yeah do your fish song for me" no please no thank you you know?! he just wants to upload my mans likeness to youtube hoping to make some advertising revenue when it hits 30k views

i should go and drop him a release form template so he can get wise to the game and stop getting rinsed out. or he should make them buy 6 fish for £5 before he sings a note…



and yes I do acknowledge the irony of uploading the same said video to my blog but it is to illustrate a point and not to exploit the fish peddler any more than he already has been. plus i really really love his riffs. his voice is pretty raging;-)


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